Best Alcohol & Drug Rehab Treatment Centers in Oakland, CA

As an addiction advisory service, we work to connect you with Oakland Drug Rehab Centers. If you are living in the Oakland area of California and need some expert assistance with the choice of a suitable rehabilitation option, we are best suited to help you.

The addiction advisors that work with Oakland Drug Rehab Centers are highly qualified and supportive and they have worked in the addiction treatment industry for many years. They can advise you on drug rehabs in Oakland and they do this by first assessing you and then matching your specific needs with an appropriate service. If it is alcohol rehab in Oakland that you are after, that is also available.

The process is simple; contact our advisors today to be matched up to Oakland Drug Rehab Centers, and one of our friendly team members will conduct a quick, pain-free assessment with you. The information that they obtain through this evaluation is used to ascertain what your needs are. From here, we will search our network of treatment centers in the area and match you with the best one. 

What's fantastic about this service is that it takes some of the pain of searching for rehab centers away from our patients, giving you more time to focus on yourself and your healing. We understand that the process of obtaining an adequate service can be stressful and we work to reduce this stress as much as possible. Furthermore, the actual process of admissions can be somewhat complicated, so we can assist in getting you admitted to your matched service if you qualify.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Oakland

Oakland Drug Rehab Centers and Our Process

There are three steps in our process, and they are as follows:

1.    We will conduct an assessment of your addiction issues and from there ask you some questions about your family situation, financial responsibilities, employment and medical insurance cover. We will also ascertain what it is that you are seeking from a drug or alcohol treatment center and the outcomes that you wish for in your sober journey.

2.    Using the wealth of information that you have provided us with, we turn to our network of excellent treatment centers and find one that fits your criteria.

3.    We make contact on your behalf with the treatment facility and we work to get you admitted to the service as soon as possible.

Why Seeking Help for Addiction is Paramount

Addiction sufferers are often in denial of their illness. Even if they do know that they are addicted there may be a reluctance or powerlessness to stop their dangerous behavior. Addiction is a frightening illness that takes hold of the physical and mental capacity of a person. The fallout from addiction is far-reaching and damages the families and friends of the addict as well as the patient themselves.

Addiction can lead to relationship breakups, family estrangement, debt, job loss and mental health problems. Oakland, like many areas of California, suffers from an addiction epidemic, and if we do not work to break the cycle of it now, we are putting our children and their children at risk of suffering too. There is a school of thought that believes that going cold turkey is the way to go to beat addiction. This is not the case, and we strongly advise against embarking on a withdrawal without external professional intervention. 

Pride may be stopping you from reaching out and asking for help and if this is the case we urge you to put your reservations to one side and just give us a call. Our treatment advisors have been working in drug advocacy and support for an extended period and they are incredibly patient, empathetic and kind. Above all, they promise to be confidential and to work in tune with your needs. We are not a treatment center, but we are an outreach service that can put you in touch with only the best treatment centers in Oakland and surrounding areas. 

Take a single step today and that is to pick up the phone and call us today to be paired up with Oakland Drug Rehab Centers. Your sobriety journey begins at the end of the phone line with us (877) 804-1531.

Upcoming Oakland AA & NA Meetings:

Meeting Day & Time Location
AA Meditation-Discussion Mon, 12:15 PM Berkeley Fellowship 2108 McGee Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703
NA First Unitarian Church Wed, 7:00 PM Men in Recovery Group Topic 1606 Bonita, Berkeley, CA 94704
AA Meditation-Discussion Thu, 8:00 PM Berkeley Fellowship 2108 McGee Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703
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